Winter Night with my Dog - Poem

Winter Night with my Dog - Poem

January 26, 2019

By Paul Arnold

Winter Night with my Dog. Nestle in warmth with blankets abound on a late winter night.
With light from the flames of the fireplace flickering across the room.
Here with my dog cuddle by my side. His eyes are closed with love and trust.
Outside my frosted window the wind blows gently in the cold night air. 

The trees are bare and naked. They stretch up into the dark gray sky, twisted, distorted
strip bare of autumn leaves. Replaced by a thin layer of snow.
Birds seek shelter as does night’s creatures large and small. 

My focus soon turns to watching tiny snowflakes gently falling though the light that
radiates from outside light fixture. Then fade into the darkness of night, like ballerinas
on stage. Each snowflake dances and sparkles within a brief period of time. 

 As the night passes and the minutes seem endless, I began to doze off. I place my head on my pillow, leaning over and giving my little furry friend a goodnight kiss and a gentle

Shortly I will close my eyes comforted, by the warmth of my
blanket and fireplace. Enjoying these finale minutes of this
late winter night. And yet within the recess of my mind,
I Know that our time in life is short. As we go through the
journey of life. Like the tiny snowflakes that fall though the
light this winter night.

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