The 20-year Anniversary Year For Paws4people

The 20-year Anniversary Year For Paws4people

May 04, 2019

Paws4vets has been providing some of the world’s most highly trained Assistance Dogs to our Wounded Veterans since 2008. This year is their 20-year anniversary!

Along with their Assistance Dog, they also receive proprietary Intervention Transfer Training, Peer‐to‐Peer support and the backing of the entire paws4vets organization for life. paws4vets accomplishes this with hundreds of volunteers, specially trained inmates in West Virginia Correctional Centers, and over 250 paws4vets trained, certified and insured Assistance Dogs.

Most of their clients have Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, Physical or Neurological Injuries, Dissociative Amnesia, or other psychological diagnoses. Most of the clients have had suicidal ideations and/or attempts.

Paws4vets has been able to bring a happy face to the vets for the past 20 years. The Annual paws4people Family Reunion is November 1-2. It would be amazing if you guys could check their website and this upcoming event. Any donations or mentions would be appreciated and would be for a great cause. 

Check out more information about facility dog: 


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