Snow Day Activities

Snow Day Activities

November 20, 2017

I’ve had many good memories with my dog Harley.  Time goes by fast with good company so it’s hard to believe that I have spent almost a decade with my dog Harley.  He’s a viszla, a Hungarian hunting dog that we got when he was barely four months old.  For that reason it is very hard to pick out just one memory with Harley.

My favorite experience on the other hand is much easier to pick out.  Having a dog when it snows is the best.  You can guarantee there will always be one person that wants to hangout in the snow longer than you do.  Every year Harley runs out in the snow like it’s the first time he’s seen the snow.  He will play in it, roll around in it, and eat it, sometimes all at the same time!  He makes having to shovel out a driveway less of a chore and more of a fun experience as I get to chase him around and have fun with him in the snow.  It’s a special day for both of us as it is guaranteed free time for me to spend just with Harley and not be distracted by other activities.  By the end of the day we’re both panting with our tongues out exhausted from having fun in the snow.  Harley has truly changed how I look at snow days and I look forward to spending many more with him and the rest of my family.

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