Ready for a Great Tug of War

Ready for a Great Tug of War

November 20, 2017

As the happy owner of a Yorkshire terrier (named PeeWee) I am always on the lookout for special toys. And by special I basically mean indestructible. These midgets have been described as a big dog in a small body. Yes, it's true! My nine pounder can destroy toys and tugs with the best of them. He's small but mighty, sweet but feisty. And he loves to tug. Probably because somewhere in his mind he thinks he is in the wild pulling a little animal out of it's hole. He never ever gives up, never ever loses energy and never loses sight of the prize. So when he sees a new toy he immediately goes crazy with excitement; his lips quiver and his body shakes. There is no sniffing the toy or sense of slow curiosity. Rather, it's his! He grabs on, clamps down and then immediately starts his path of destruction.

Perhaps you too have experienced a similar letdown of seeing a new offering quickly turned into a mangled, twisted object or shredded pile of fluffy plush. Not to mention the waste of money! It's this experience that has me on the lookout for interesting dog toys. Recent new finds are the Frequent Flyer (it squeaks!) and the Double Tug by Katie's Bumpers. This line is affordably priced and made in the USA from professional grade fire hose material. How cool is that! So excited to get these for my pup PeeWee!


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