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Music to a dog's ears

April 28, 2018

My family uses music as a great outlet in our lives. I play guitar, my two brothers and dad play piano, and my mom enjoys listening. We share a passion for music and our dog is no exception. 

Our goldendoodle, Sunny comes rushing into the living room whenever he hears the first notes of a song from the piano, or me tuning my guitar. The jingling of his collar can be heard over the sound of the instrument as he enters the room and finds his spot on the couch. Whether he is chewing on an antler or just resting his head on the armrest, he is able to relax as he listens to the song we play.

Sunny loves the experience of listening to our music. By doing this, he reminds us that he is our number one fan! He listens to anything we play and his presence is as therapeutic as the music we are playing or listening to.

Dogs enjoy attention and a sense of attachment. This is found through musical experiences. I have seen many videos on social media of dogs listening to music and even playing piano! I believe music plays a significant part of a 
dog’s life. Music not only soothes them but brings them closer to their owners. Here are three of Sunny’s favorite songs: 1979 by Smashing Pumpkins, Melissa by The Allman Brothers, and Minuet by Mozart.

By Gregory F. Licciardi

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