It’s hiking season! See below for the top three must-haves to bring when hiking with your dog

It’s hiking season! See below for the top three must-haves to bring when hiking with your dog

May 13, 2021

     It is almost every dogs’ wish to go on long walks with their best friend. Well, we have a special opportunity for you and your pupper to do just that and support an amazing charity at the same time. So, get ready to grab your dog’s collar and leash and join our charity (p4p) on their fundraising Memorial Day Hike.

     The paws4vets Memorial Day hike runs for two days (May 29 & 30), is 22-miles (11 each day), and is taking place to honor the 22 veterans that are lost daily to suicide. The paws4people foundation, which is hosting this special event, was “founded by Kyria Henry in 1999, when she was just 12 years old, with the purpose of using dogs as a means of helping people. The nonprofit’s mission is educating and empowering people to utilize Assistance Dogs to transform their lives.”

     The in-person hike occurs at the Harper Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia. But if you are not in the West Virginia area, and would still like to participate, p4p has a virtual option for you. Hike at your local state or national park with a group of friends. The hike can even be completed as a relay team. Full details about the event can be found here.

     Or, instead, you can sign up to be a sponsor for any member participating in the hike by purchasing a sponsorship package.

     There are many ways to prepare both you and your dog for this event. The three most important ways are to dress comfortably, stay hydrated, and stay fueled!

Dress Comfortably:

     Upon your registration, you will be given a t-shirt to wear during the hike. But why should you have all the fun? Give fido something cute and comfortable to wear too. Doggy Cloud’s Metallic Puffer Jacket could do the trick. It not only does a good job snuggling your dog, but it also makes him/her easy to keep an eye on during the walk:







Stay Hydrated:

     There is nothing more important than staying hydrated during a walk. So, while you grab your water bottle, make sure to also grab your dog’s! Don’t have one? Check out this Doggy Water Bottle & Carrier:







Stay Fueled:

     You can’t walk 22 miles hungry. So, make sure to fuel up ahead of time and during the walk.  Fido will get hungry too, so, bring some treats for them also.  Delicious treats that Doggy Cloud sells are the PolkaDog Wonder Nuggets. They come in three tasty flavors:







We hope that you will join paws4people on this inaugural walk that supports our veterans. And remember, 10% of your purchase on Doggy Cloud goes towards the charity.

We look forward to seeing you on May 29 and May 30.

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