Great day with my dog at the beach

Great day with my dog at the beach

December 22, 2017

Dogs in Duck N.C.
Over the summer I took a trip to Duck, North Carolina with friends of my family who I had not previously met. Each of the three families who were there in attendance brought a dog because dogs were permitted to be on the beach during the day with their owners. I had never been to a beach where owners could bring dogs without a leash so I excited for the new experience, even if it were to only last a week.
​ Members of all three families, kids and adults, spent the week playing with the dogs on the beach every day that we were in North Carolina. We all had so much fun that we ended up neglecting to make good on travel plans that we designated for each day of the week. The dogs had unexpectedly taken over our vacation to the fullest extent possible. During the day, we were with them on the beach until the sun went down. After the sun went down, we spent more time with them as they refused to be ignored (especially during dinner). I still have a difficult time recalling another time in which I was more excited to the beach every day. By the end of the week I was less upset that the vacation was over and more that our week in the sun with our pets had come to a close. As upset as I was that it was over, I was already looking forward to next year’s vacation on the beach with our dogs.

By Eric Belcastro

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