Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

November 20, 2017

When I was growing up we always had a dog. Not because my parents wanted one, but because I wanted one. Our dogs stayed in the kitchen at night and were not allowed upstairs in the bedrooms. Over these years we all loved our dogs, but I distinctly got the impression that if I didn't push the issue we would have gotten by solely with our fish tank. And I would have been left only with my stuffed animals, including my first dog - a plush poodle I received as a Christmas gift when I was in second grade.

When my brother and I grew up, I didn't want my mom to be alone. Enter Muffin the Chihuahua. This tiny girl wormed her way into my mother's heart. To our total disbelief she was given a place on the bed to sleep, vitamins in her food, and carried everywhere by my mother. Yes she was spoiled and pampered with her little coats and collars, but she brought joy to my mom and lived for 18 years as a real part of the family.

Muffin was followed by Chaz and Charlie, the Yorkies, Lewis the Shitzu and then Coco and Henry, the Maltese twins. Looking back I cannot imagine our lives without these cherished little animals. Thankful for their companionship and for the joy and love they gave to us all, especially to my mother.

This holiday please don't forget to give thanks for your furry friends & give the pet lover in your life the perfect gift!

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