Dogs are a family’s best friend and the best connection to Mother Nature!

Dogs are a family’s best friend and the best connection to Mother Nature!

December 03, 2017

This past weekend we went out for a family hike to Hemlock Falls in West Orange, NJ with our golden doodle, Sunny.  We had a stressful past few weeks with a relative passing away along with the kids getting a ton of homework.  We needed something to do to ease our stress and to bring us closer together as a family in a relaxing setting.  The hike we took with Sunny was the perfect answer! 


Hemlock Falls is located within the South Mountain Reservation and has 5.8 miles of trails which lead up to tranquil running waterfalls which sound as beautiful as they look.  There is nothing better than unplugging with Mother Nature!  Sunny loves going on hikes with the family.  He only allows my wife to hold his leash who he sees (rightly so) as the leader of our pack.  Sunny also never likes anyone from our family to walk in front of him.  He sees himself as the true leader of our pack!  Sunny motivates us on hikes. He never seems to get tired even with the steepest terrain.  If he sees us lagging behind, he turns to us as if he has a whistle in his mouth and barks for us to catch up.  I highly recommend a hike with your dog to help ease any stress and to bring you closer to nature, your family and your well-being.


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