7 Reasons Why Dogs are Man's Best-Friend!

7 Reasons Why Dogs are Man's Best-Friend!

June 19, 2021


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7 Reasons Why Dogs Are Best Friends : There are couple of reasons why dogs are considered to be man’s best-friend. IF you’ve adopted any dog in your LiFe, then you’ll nod your head “yes” and will relate to everything that’s mentioned below.

Undoubtedly, to have a relationship with dog is the most safest & beautiful thing ever. Dogs are truly awesome and great friends. I would say “Best-friends.” You know; dogs can’t communicate using words but that doesn’t mean they don’t communicate, at all. IF you have a dog, then I’ll assume that you know “how” dogs communicate with humans. One thing about ‘em is, they’re considered to be man’s best-friend.

While growing up; you might’ve come across this saying, right? Ever wondered why they are considered to be BF? Yeah I know, you’ll say, it’s all because they’re good to you, they understand your emotions, they give you reasons to love, and many more.

You know what; you’re certainly right.

Here I’ve listed answers shared by Redditors where they explained Reasons Why Dogs Are Best Friends for LiFe.

Reasons Why Dogs Are Best Friends : 

  1. My puppy is my best friend because I have Autism and depression. She helps me get out and play with her along with walking her. She also lets me hug her and licks my face when I am beginning to have a meltdown.
  2. I work from home, so I’m with my dog pretty constantly minus the afternoon(s) each week I take her to daycare so she can romp around with other dogs. I’m pretty sure she thinks I’m crazy, but she loves me unconditionally – and I feel the same way about her. I honestly can’t pinpoint a specific reason why she’s my best friend, but she just is. She’s my little buddy, and I’m pretty sure I’d be lost without her little cute face tilting to the side that almost certainly means “human, you are batshit insane – you realize that, right?”
  3. Sunny is my best friend, companion, and so on – she’s everything. I think the biggest reason is that dogs really do love unconditionally. She is always there for me, no matter what. At the end of those kinds of days where everything’s gone wrong, it feels like the entire world is against me and I’m all alone – Sunny is there, waggling and dancing with happiness just to see me and eager for cuddles. I can alwayscount on my dog, and she’s the most important thing in my world.
  4. My dogs have always been my best friends because they’re soft, friendly and lovable. They’re just perfect companions because they make you feel good. Plus, Sander has really helped me get out of the house since graduating college, since we go on walks and to the dog park, so I’m not cooping myself up. Taking care of him helps me stay motivated to take care of myself as well.
  5. I got my dog 3 years ago off Kijiji (Canadian Craigslist) off an ad saying “Need puppy gone, going on vacation”. At that time, I wasn’t prepared to get a dog what so ever. Always wanted one but wasn’t exactly ready for it. As soon as I saw the ad, I went to my dad and told him we need to adopt this dog. After a 1 hour debate/argument, I convinced him and we went to get the dog. I contacted the seller and she was asking 400$ for the dog but I ended up paying 50$ for him. Picked him up at the back of a hockey arena at 10pm… Shadiest meet up of my life but the best moment of my life as well because I got my best friend. Been a little over 3 years now since we got him, still don’t know for sure what breed he is but we’re guessing it’s an Airedale Terrier and Lab mix. Regardless of that, he’s been by my side for the last 3 years. Everyone that has met him absolutely loves him, energetic when I’m energetic, lazy whenever I’m lazy and sleeps on my bed every night even if I’m not home. Best part of that is going to bed with a huge wet spot or wet pillow because he was licking at it… Even though he can be a pain in the ass, he’s my best friend.
  6. I came across this video on Reddit and it really touched my heart. I’m sure that it’s going to melt your heart as well.

This video sums up why dogs are best-friends:

  1. My dog has helped me a lot in my life and he has always been there to motivate me with his cute antics. I don’t have friends but I have a best friend and that’s roco.

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